About Us

We are entering into ‪‎Next ‎generation‬ studio, with all new exciting sets for maternity, infant and much more...
You have just entered enthralling trail of next generation photographic creators, we are indeed blessed and proud to say, ‎Priyavision‬ is nation's leading fashion studio!!!

We are passionate and adept photographic professionals, striving to maximize your best moments freeze forever.
We have treaded forward to a whole new level of photographic experience under one roof, you name any of the moments you wish to cherish we have it!! Right from maternity, Infant and children photography to wedding candid moments and more.

We are blessed and proud that Priyavision's Mr.Sabarinath, got trained and certified in New-Born Photography in the year 2016 under the expert guidance of Ms. Ana Brandt. Ms. Ana Brandt is one of the most famous photographers, a legend among the Maternity / New-Born Photographers of the world. She is a Professional Maternity and New-born Photographer par excellence in California.

Mr.Sabarinath has been a Professional Photographer for over 8 years in the field of capturing candid moments of Love and Wedding, and 6 Years in New Born Photography.

Offering a pure modern style, creating stunning New-Born and baby portraits, he is a master at his craft, with his infinite patience and gentle touch. He has the expertise and experience required to soothe, handle, pose and photograph even the tiniest of your precious bundles of joy. He already has to his credit more than 500 impeccable New Born photo shoots & 3000 Infant’s photo shoot.


  1. The International Baby Photography Award, thrice
  2. The International Photography Award, four times
  3. Indian Book of Records Award for 1500 New-born Photography

We offer a huge selection of high-end custom made props; bonnets, headbands, wraps etc. We use ultra-soft fabrics and knits, natural tones and textures. Only the very BEST will do for your child. Your baby's session will be fully planned prepared and styled prior to your arrival.

New-born and baby safety is a priority in our studio. We take great pride in being an expert in baby safety, posing and handling infants. The studio is also meticulously cleaned and sanitized prior to and after each session.

Priya Vision New-Born and Baby sessions are widely sought after. Due to his notability, sessions are often booked up months in advance. Please enquire for availability.

International Wedding Photography Award 4 Times

Our Services include but of course not limited to:


Maternity‬ Is the beginning of all beautiful things in life and we will make it more memorable for you with our specialized maternity indoor and outdoor sessions. Here is the best part; we will make you look more beautiful with our customized maternity costumes, custom made just for you!!! Yes we know it means a lot to you and we are ready to offer.


Portfolio‬ We are all set to make you stand out in the large ocean!!! By adding our professional touch to make you stand out from the crowd, by maximising on your images. We have been inspiring and continue to motivate models, dancers, and musicians by creating best of kind portfolios.

‎Wedding and Candid Moments

This is our favourite part and we indulge into your happiness and make it last forever. Right from proposal portraits, wedding and candid moments we have it all. We never miss to bring on the best moment in couples and singles, who are ready to endorse a new beginning. We also undertake indoor, outdoor and out of country candid moments!!

‎Children‬ photo hub

Challenging yet mouth opening shots are from these tiny tots. We have carefully crafted our facility and the props with sterile environment, to make sure they are safe and with best moods to get their best cuteness. PROPS? DRESSES? BABY BLANKETS? - YES we have it all, an array of 100 plus props to best suit each little bundle of joy. Props have been hand pick by the experts themselves. We would always listen to our customer's indoors or outdoors is at your choice. Having said about all this, we still wanted to give you world class photographic session. All new, first of type - ‪‎Organic‬ ‎flower‬garden‬ on terrace of the studio to make you breathe into nature and where we can capture the moments from you.